Our Story

Passionate about health, and the desire to help others with their health journey, Jim and Barbara Price started the Nutrition Shoppe in 1992. In 1994, Jerry Wiedenbenner joined the Prices as manager of the Shoppe, eventually purchasing it a couple years later.

Jerry and his wife, Janet, continued to run the store for 24 years, adding two additional experienced health advocates,  Claudette and Catherine, who had more than 20 years' experience in the health industry. Jerry and Janet's daughter, Donna St. John, who grew up watching her parents live a healthy lifestyle and eventually run and build a small business catering to healthy and holistic choices, left her long-tenured position with a large law firm to follow her passion, joining the family business in May of 2018. This move allowed Jerry to pass on his legacy while remaining active in the business, and also providing free time to enjoy family time with his wife, their children and their grandchildren.

Healthy living is deep-rooted within Donna. Her parents have instilled, and she has experienced, a strong sense of the affects healthy choices play in an individual’s overall well-being. Under this new generation's leadership, the Shoppe remains committed to their customers by carrying a large selection of natural health products, herbs, vitamins and health information. 

The Shoppe's staff underwent changes in 2020 when Claudette retired and Mary arrived, bringing her own experiences to assist customers. Both Catherine and Mary provide 25 years combined experience to assist customers with their health needs. 

Through their products, education and referral services, they are able to address many common health concerns and make natural-based recommendations. They constantly research the newest health products and scientific developments to share with their customers, providing natural alternative options.